Welcome Friends!

Welcome to TrueSauce Restaurant.

We are here to do our best to serve you your meals in the way you like it. While we are mere men and women of flesh and blood, we are using this statement to remind you that we are not perfect: this means that mistakes would be made.

All we ask is that you should not stay vindictively offended against us. We will do everything within our human capabilities to redress those errors and mistakes.

But what is certain is that every experience you get with us today, will always be better than your yesterday’s experience with us. The meaning from this is that we constantly strive everyday to get better and better, aiming to achieve perfection by engaging excellence in all we do daily.

Wouldn’t you rather stick with those who recognise their human flaws, but are ardent at getting better day by day? Wouldn’t you rather be friends with those who recognise the beauty of our shared humanity, and are driven by Arete–an all round excellence to ensure that you get unrivaled service driven by excellence?

Written by:

Charles Okorobo

The Life Philosopher

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