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Our Delicious Story

We started unofficially September 13 of year 2017, and climbed the ropes step by step to be officially registered in the month of July, 2018


We are ready to travel anywhere for you, and give you the catering service you desire in any place of your choice.

So long as people are in a place, and you can also reach there, no where is too far for us within Nigeria (even if it’s Sambisa forest)

Featured Delicacies

fresh from the KITCHEN

All meals are served with their necessaries

Pineapple Rice with Fish Fillet

₦ 1,000

minimum of 15 people


Beefed Vegetable Salad

₦ 6,000

Each Combo

Spaghetti & Giant Shrimp

₦ 1,000

minimum of 15 people


₦ 1,000

minimum of 15 people

Chinese Rice with Beef & Chicken Sauce

₦ 2,000

minimum of 15 people

Catfish & Yam PepperSoup

₦ 1,200​

minimum of 15 people

Enjoy 15% on all bulk orders from 100 people and above

Happy Hours

Every Saturday, 9AM – 8PM

They all our food

Nothing builds confidence better towards a business than customers who have had a pleasant experience Charles Okorobo

"Foods taste better at TrueSauce.
Each meal is well garnished to be well enjoyed as a standalone meal. "

- Juliet Omoetolo

"I ate chicken from TrueSauce and posted it to my friends on Instagram because it beats homecook to the test"

- Lisa Nwakeao

"I take catering jobs because TrueSauce will handle it, and all my clients recount their lovely and delightful experience."

- Vivian Nwakeao
Customer testimony Picture

"The food is amazing with competence in different delicacies: each one well crafted like a work of art"

- Olanrewaju James

Let's eat.

Order our foods, and you are sure of Natural, Healthy, Organic and fire-cooked foods.

We don’t sell genetically modified and pro-cancerous/carcinogenic foods: you are guaranteed that you won’t have cancer eating from us.

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Justina Charles (08023309438)

Charles Okorobo (08032884596)